VMTX Vibromax Therapeutics
VMTX Training


VMTX Vibromax Therapeutics™ is an innovative soft tissue therapy
technique utilizing the effect of vibration via the art of compression and
tension along and over the soft tissues along the known kinetic chains to break down adhesions and scar tissues, decreasing pain, restoring
function and enhancing performance with minimal discomfort to the
patients and the providers.  Dr. Kazemi is the original inventor of this
technique; however, VMTX has been further developed by Dr. Brad Muir
and Dr. Sandy Sajko.


  • To help educate health providers all around the world with necessary knowledge and skills to apply VMTX.
  • To decrease pain, enhance healing, function, performance and quality of life.
  • To provide current and evidence-based knowledge.
  • To provide a soft tissue therapy technique with minimal side effects and discomforts to the patients and providers.
  • To update knowledge base and skills on an ongoing basis via research.
  • To investigate the effectiveness of VMTX via continuous research.


The followings are the evidence-based benefit of applying vibration:

  • Mobilization of soft tissues and joints.
  • Breaking down adhesions and scar tissues with minimal discomfort to the patient and the provider due to analgesic effects of vibration.
  • Enhancing power and strength.
  • Reducing the results of the aging process in musculoskeletal structures.
  • Effective countermeasure to microgravity and disuse.
  • Reducing the viscosity of the blood and increasing its speed through the arteries; therefore, acting as a mild form of cardiovascular exercise.
  • Increasing concentration of testosterone and growth hormone and decrease cortisole concentration in recreationally active people.

The Following are the additional benefit of VMTXmax Therapeutics™:

  • Ability to apply greater compression and tensional forces to the tissues with minimal discomfort to the patient as well as the provider due to analgesic effect of the vibration; therefore, breaking down adhesions and scar tissues in deeper tissues than any other manual techniques.
  • Easy handling of the instrument without undo stresses on the providers' hand, fingers or thumb.
  • Ability to treat patient without removal of the clothing and hence provide care anywhere and anytime.
  • Current and evidence-based technique.
  • Affordable.
  • Revolutionary e-book.
  • First soft tissue therapy technique to address and treat Kinetic Functional Chains.
  • Ability to treat each Kinetic Functional Chains in one stroke efficiently and entirely.
  • Specific stretches for each chain that can be reproduced and handed to the patients.
  • Systematic and complete passive and active therapeutic technique


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